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Technical Writing: the road writers travel less 

What is Technical Writing?  
Technical Writing is the act of writing for an audience seeking knowledge or information on a specific product, service, or skill. 


Why design thinking works

According to the stats provided by the Design Management Institute in 2016, companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Apple and Ford outperformed the Standard and Poor’s 500 by a mind-blowing 211%. 


How you can use twitter to Achieve your life learning Goal

Today with access to the internet, anyone can acquire as many skills as they desire, with the billions of contents available at their disposal. With over 4.2 billion active users on the internet..


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What is GoCreate USA?

GoCreate USA is a fully-funded virtual product design Bootcamp initiative of Brave Achievers. it is an intensive and immersive practical training for talents willing to break into the tech industry, especially underrepresented people in tech. 


We have a well-structured curriculum designed to help you learn and gain practical experience in UX UI Design. Our instructors are design leaders whose experiences will help you start your journey in your chosen career path.


GoCreate USA is Brave Achievers’ contribution to a diverse and inclusive workforce in the tech industry.

Our bootcamp is designed to help you utilize knowledge and skills learnt in the class session to create unique solutions to social problems. Projects are deliberately designed to fit industry standard model of executing projects.

What you will learn


Get acquainted with one of the foremost communication tools. Remote teams today use Zoom for effective communication and collaboration.


A sophisticated workspace for remote teams to organize their work, iterations, and design systems.


Arguably the most advanced design tool today. Designers use Figma to create unique experiences, collaborate with other designers live, and increase design consistency.


An effective community-building tool helps learners network with thought leaders and professionals within their field.

Bootcamp tools

We model our curriculum on the latest UX UI Design tools. Unlike corporate

courses with fixed skill sets from decades past, we believe it is essential to equip

designers with the newest tools to excel in their careers.

We help you prep for the tech industry

Be determined to follow the training to the end

Get a laptop or desktop computer

Make sure you have a good internet connection

Structure your schedule to accommodate your learning time

Get Familiar with our online courses

Our bootcamps are intense and innovation-driven. We hold weekly classes with … hours sessions each day. Classes are virtual and held on zoom for a seamless learning experience. Our classes are designed to build both hard and professional skills, get ready for the ride.

What is our mentorship program like?

Our Bootcamp training and mentorship program go hand in hand. When you sign up to learn UI UX design, project management, or technical writing, you will be assigned a mentor that will guide you through the learning process. Your mentor will be there to answer all your questions and clear your doubts throughout the training.

What's more? Your mentor can also give you tips that will help you create an impressive portfolio that will increase your chances of getting a job after the bootcamp!

Our mentors are industry professionals that have at least 5 years’ experience in their chosen career. What is more?

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01 (925) 420-442


01 (925) 420-442

Funds from the BUX Platform go into the GoCreate USA bootcamp. GoCreate USA is a free Product Design bootcamp for talented people in the United States of America.

Brave Achievers is a registered 501(c)(3) in United States of America Pursuant to Internal Revenue Service regulations: No goods or services are provided in exchange for donations to Brave Achievers.


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