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5 things to bring with you to the GoCreate USA bootcamp

What exactly is GoCreate USA bootcamp?

GoCreate USA bootcamp is a special program, organized by Brave Achievers for the purpose of helping talented people from minority groups especially Black American women break into tech and lead high rewarding careers. It looks to help them get into UX UI design and Project Management as a career and it has already helped hundreds of people.

The bootcamp is virtual and fully funded, but the students still need to bring something to the table of their learning experience if they hope to be successful. It is like the role they have to play in making sure that the bootcamp is a success for them, and for the organization. Here are the important things to bring to the bootcamp.

Determination to succeed

It wouldn’t really matter how much people invest in you. You need to be willing to succeed within yourself. There should be some anger within you, a yearning for success. This journey and hunger should then create a determination that no matter what, you are going to succeed. Your will to stand out will take you the extra mile to be successful. Like the saying goes; aim for the moon, if you miss, you will at least land among the stars.

Hard work

Nothing in this world was ever exceptional through bare minimum efforts. Come to the bootcamp with the intention of putting in your very best. Oftentimes, opportunities like this would come only once. As much as you can, put in your best in every assignment, every course work, every lecture and every practical.


The results won’t be instantaneous. You’ll deal with impostors' syndrome and you’ll battle with other things. Be patient with yourself and others. You will go from feeling like everyone else is talking gibberish, to understanding every nuance.


Attend the bootcamp with all of your concentration. Open your mind, forget your worries, calm your nerves. This isn’t one of those classes where you can afford to miss one or two. You need to dedicate every cell of your being.

Now don’t be deceived, many people will appear like naturals. They’ll seem to have it easy. Perhaps because of their backgrounds or prior familiarity with the subjects. Whichever side you fall on, it is important to approach the bootcamp with your mind open to learn, your hands/mouths ready to ask questions when you’re not sure and your brain ready to assimilate.


No matter how small, we all have some element of creativity in us. UX designing involves a lot of creativity and logical thinking. Bring it all with you, all the repressed artistic part of you.

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