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Why Design thinking works

According to the stats provided by the Design Management Institute in 2016, companies such as Proctor and Gamble, Apple and Ford outperformed the Standard and Poor’s 500 by a mind-blowing 211%. These design-led companies are able to do so well because they apply design principles to strategies and innovations.

Innovations have shifted from being engineering-driven to design-driven and from market-focused to user-experience focused. Design thinking is now the foundation for organizational change and effective strategic development.

With the rapid change in society, we cannot afford to adhere to the same old methods of solving problems. These methods are no longer effective. The problems we are faced with today are a lot different from what we encountered decades ago. Therefore, to solve problems today, we need to come up with a new way of thinking and design thinking is a perfect fit for this. Because design thinking is not just a set of rules or steps, it is better viewed as a mindset that is applicable in any situation where innovation or thinking differently is required. It can change depending on the context and can borrow tools from other disciplines as well. For innovation and strategy, a human-centered perspective is very important. When the needs and desires of the users are kept in mind, designing a product that will resonate with users cannot be difficult. Design thinking gives us a platform to explore what could be. It faces challenges in a way that would best suit human needs. It works because it finds a way to get around the biases and attachments to specific behaviors which inhibit the power of imagination. Innovation is everyone's business regardless of the role you find yourself in. Today, everyone is expected to do better with less – that is why we all need design thinking. With design thinking, you're provided with tools that make you an innovative thinker and uncover opportunities you never knew existed. You can learn how design thinking works and up-skill yourself in UX design at our upcoming free UX Design bootcamp for US residents only. Register now

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