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GoCreate USA – How much should the right UX Education cost?

Today’s world gives little room or grace to us when we haven’t mastered how to live in it. For many people, finally mastering their dream skill, climbing the ladders of their careers, and achieving the professional “happy ever after” is the ultimate dream.

The only issue is that people, especially people of color, with dreams of getting into big tech, are constantly drawn back by many factors, chief amongst which is finances.

UX Design as a career

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the demand for tech professionals. From developers, product designers, project managers, technical writers and all the way to UX designers.

Today, very few career lines are as rewarding in remuneration, can be done remotely, and relatively easier to land a job as UX design. The reality is that UX design can be highly fulfilling, with high returns and yet give good personal time and room to live life on your own terms. Many people would love to improve or even do a complete career maneuver, the question however is “what is the financial cost of acquiring this hot cake of a skill?”

What is the average cost of a UX education

UX education costs between $2,500 and $ 20,000. This may not seem like much to many people, but it is indeed high when we factor in the fact that poverty is still a huge problem in the world and there are people who live below $1 per day.

It is understood that this sort of skill would then only be available to people who can afford it and it would not matter if all the other people in the world are talented, smart, dedicated, intuitive or any of the other attributes that make UX designers great.

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What should UX design education cost

Ideally, education should cost nothing. Education should be made available, especially to people who are less privileged or need financial support to get such an education. Or at the barest minimum, it should be made affordable and accessible for all who are interested.

But we do not live in an ideal world and people would profit from the air if they could. There is a need to bridge the gap that poverty and lack of access would create due to the reality of life. It is with this belief that Brave Achievers designed the GoCreate Bootcamp. To help give access to UX education to resilient and talented people from minority backgrounds who cannot afford the exorbitant fees that are needed for the acquisition of the skill.

Be a part of the solution

Lecturers, resources, all the items necessary for full and quality education require dedication of physical, psychological, and financial resources and this can only be made possible through the dedication of our amazing partners and volunteers who constantly show up and pay it forward.

This three-month intensive education may be all that is needed to turn lives around for good. To empower people who would otherwise probably never get the opportunity. It is amazing what three months can do when you go from an underprivileged citizen to a high-earning asset to society.

Together we can create unlimited opportunities for everyone.

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