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GoCreate USA - Product design classes for talented individuals

An animation showing two (a male & female) product designers involved in a product design process.
GoCreate USA | Product design classes for talented individuals

An important part of product development is product design. While product design refers to the process designers use to create a product, which includes user research, ideation, prototyping, and testing, product development cuts across market analysis, conceptualization, customer support, sales, and product design.

In simpler terms, product development is the entire process of creating, launching, and regulating a product. Most people inter-use the two terms as though they mean the same thing even though they do not. Part of the UX/UI curriculum for GoCreate USA bootcampers is the product design class.

Difference between User Experience (UX) design and Product design

In the simplest terms, product design focuses on the product, what it is meant to function as and how the developers need it to function in order to get the best out of it. UX design however is concerned with other issues such as how users feel when they use the product. Ease of use, usability and many other users experience design issues.

UX concerns itself with what the users seem to enjoy about the product, how they interact with the product, whether or not the product meets their needs, and how the product crosses the line of indifference to become a personal favorite. It is about getting into the minds of the users and creating an experience of the product that they most resonate with.

The Product designer vs. UX designer

UX design is no child’s play. But a widely accepted upgrade of the role would be the role of the product designer. The roles of the UX designer and product designer already overlap in several small instances. So, it makes sense that the UX designer would take the upgrade to product designer because of the following reasons.

  • The pay is better.

Due to the fact that product designers generally have a bigger responsibility to the product and the company, they receive higher payments in general.

  • Wider range of responsibility

Some UX designers may just want more responsibility overall. It is important to fight and prevent complacency in the workplace and a viable step up in the range of duties would be to take on product designer duties.

  • More experience

This still ties in to the idea of increased responsibility. With more responsibility comes more experience and this is a good and healthy milestone to look forward to in the workplace. A wider range of experience may position the UX designer for better jobs, more expertise and definitely better pay

  • UX designers are generally better product designers

With a background in active UX, product designers seem to outshine their peers who don’t have similar background or experiences. A huge part of creating a selling product is to understand the users. This is something that UX designers are generally expected to figure out and have locked down. When they bring this knowledge and background into their product designing roles, it is usually significantly better.

  • A chance to design their own products from scratch

UX designers may also go into product designing so that they can learn the rudiments of product development business decisions, product development, self-actualization through the creation of their own products.

A diversion into product design is a positive move. Many people will want this move, and many more will retain their first love: UX design. Brave Achievers recognizes and respects this human need for change, and this is why the fully funded product designing bootcamp will be made available to talented individuals.

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