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GoCreate USA - Start the year with a structured UX training

An animation depicting a UX learner at work, with a corresponding writing: GoCreate USA, The better way to skill up in 2022
GoCreate USA | Skill up in 2022 with a UX training

You draw your new year's resolution and learning a new skill tops the list. You probably have a couple of dollars saved, or intend to take a loan to study. Even though learning a new skill is top priority (something that will allow you to fulfill your dreams, earn more, and improve the lives of your loved ones), you have basic and recurring needs. The amount you thought was untouchable and good for tuition starts to reduce because certain bills must be paid.

You are discouraged. What other thing can you chuck off your list, or better, what learning options do you have to study User Experience Design or Project Management?

In the design industry, there are several ways any talented person can access UX education. You can either attend a degree-awarding institution, attend a design Bootcamp, or self-learn. College degrees are on the high side financially, but they do offer a formidable structured learning path.

It is important to stress that structured UX training offers more value to you as an individual as it equips you better for the future. So, if you are to compromise, you do not want to compromise quality. The closest you can get to a college-like structured learning are bootcamps.

However, product design bootcamps are increasingly becoming more expensive. The average cost of a UX bootcamp was about $11,727 as of 2020. Little wonder why people opt for the cheaper self-learning alternative.

The cons of self-learning outweigh the pros. When you critically examine the possibilities, what self-learning has going for it is that it is cheaper. Advocates of self-learning do not hesitate to emphasize the amount of work needed to succeed. Note that other forms of learning do not require any effort, what is being emphasized here is the turnaround time viz-a-viz the cost.

That said, bootcamps would be a preferred learning path over self-learning, if it was moderately priced.

But it is not, and here lies the dilemma...and hope.

If your resolution for the year is to learn UX UI design or Project Management, you will definitely find very useful information on how you can enroll for one of the most robust and well-structured product design bootcamp in 2022. Its' entry fee is something that you cannot possibly guess.

Why are design bootcamps so expensive?

It works, that is why. In fact, in 2021, over 44,254 people attended a design bootcamp. If you have ever listened to or read any testimonial of a bootcamp grad, you would notice one or all of the following in their conversation(s).

  1. After bootcamp mentorship

  2. Apprenticeship opportunities or job placements

  3. Access to a design community to grow

  4. A design portfolio to pitch their skills to hiring managers

And this is what Bootcamps pride themselves on, and of course, how they set their value - the success of their cohorts. The more popular the bootcamp, the weightier its price point.

Take for instance the General Assembly Bootcamp. It costs about $15,950 for full-time courses, while part-time costs range between $2,800 and $14,950. In her 2018-2019 Outcome Report, 91.4% of her bootcamp grads got choice offers in less than 6 months of completing the bootcamp.

Do you really have to spend that much before you can have a chance at actualizing your dreams of becoming a UX designer or project manager? Even when you truly cannot afford it?

We can argue that this is why self-learning exists. But then, UX is a dynamic field that thrives on structure. It will be harder to navigate UX as a self-learner than with a community, it is not impossible but that task is onerous.

The good news is, there are people who think differently about UX training.

Introducing GoCreate USA Product Design Bootcamp

Regardless of your financial status, background, or sex, you should be able to access quality UX training in a proper learning environment that checks all the boxes of a successful bootcamp grad's testimonial.

This is what GoCreate USA offers. GoCreate USA offers talented people from minority groups a chance at becoming a certified UX UI designer or project manager.

If you are determined enough to do whatever it takes - show up at classes, take every assignment seriously, and practice at every chance that you get - you will find a paid slot at GoCreate USA to learn UX UI Design and Project Management.

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