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GoCreate USA – the mandate to make UX education free and accessible

Three participants of a UX bootcamp having a brainstorming session, with the team lead standing over a white board
GoCreate USA makes UX education free & accessible

Arguably the easiest way out, technically!

UX design is one of the easiest tech skills to acquire. Some bootcamps may last as short as six weeks, with great results from the students. Many students all over the world admit that their UX/UI learning experience was significantly easier, shorter, with the major problem being accessibility.

Why the-have gets more, and the-have-not can finally get some

As great as tech money is, many agree that it takes money to make money. And if only the rich and comfortable middle class have access to skills that are so germane to the upward mobility of individuals in the social economic ladder, we should try to make it available to everyone. It is in this spirit, and in the consciousness of this that Brave Achievers created the GoCreate USA bootcamp to help everyday people break into the tech industry without breaking the bank.

The line between "access by default" and "access by opportunity"

The overall knowledge of money-making opportunities can never be compared to the ease of access to these tech educational opportunities. And sometimes, what we need is at least a person to bet on us. At least one person who believes that we deserve a chance, who is willing to stake their own resources, time, energy, and money on us.

Who will sponsor my bootcamp studies?

For every disadvantaged person who is interested in making huge legitimate money, who understands the value of hard work and dedication, and is willing to take their place in the elms of technological power, Brave Achievers' GoCreate Bootcamp is the best bet. A bootcamp that offers deep UX/UI coaching, intensive mentorship programs that guarantee a rise in career, and perhaps most importantly; little to no cost of tuition.

How relevant is a UX design bootcamp in the tech job market?

A UX design bootcamp will shout you directly into the business of creating user interfaces and user experiences. Bootcamps have recorded remarkable success all over the world and electronics employers are admitting today that bootcamps' grads are just as good as any other set of people in the workforce. A bootcamp will basically compress about 3 years' worth of a college degree level of knowledge into 9 to 28 weeks (about 6 and a half months), in a way that ensures that you not only understand the topics being explored but have hands on knowledge too.

What are the advantages I get from a UX design Bootcamp?

Let’s put it like this, Bootcamp entry doesn't require special qualification or identification. Even though 82% of those attending UX Bootcamps have at least a bachelor's degree, there is no specific law that says you actually have to have a degree. Bootcamps like GoCreate USA will actually link you to top employers in the field, significantly increasing your chances of getting a job right away.

Brave Achievers hold themselves to a higher level of standard that involves the mandate to make UX and UI design education free and accessible to disadvantaged populations. The aim of this group is to take intentional actions geared towards levelling the playing field through all the social, political and economic platforms in existence.

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