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GoCreate USA – The Pros and Cons of a Product Design Bootcamp

A product design Bootcamp is an intensive training that transforms newbies to job-ready product designers within a few months of learning. The major advantage of bootcamps is that you can become skilled in a few months compared to spending years in the pursuit of a design degree, there are many benefits that are attached to attending a UX Bootcamp.

Some of the benefits are:

Networking with Industry professionals:

Bootcamps attract current and aspiring industry professionals. Some of them are your lecturers, and some of them are your colleagues. Some bootcamps will even hold networking events, where you get to meet other professionals that are not in your Bootcamp. Networking increases your chance of getting a job after Bootcamp

In-demand Syllabus:

Bootcamps give you the current industry syllabus for training. You get to learn current industry trends and the new innovations and inventions in the industry. This is possible because the trainers at Bootcamps are active experts in their field. So, they are privy to the trends in the industry

Robust UX Portfolio:

A UX Bootcamp affords you the opportunity of having a robust UX portfolio. Apart from being taught how to create an impressive portfolio. You will also be given projects that will serve as case studies for your portfolio. These case studies are part of your experience as a UX designer. They will come in handy when you are looking for a UX job.


Fast paced learning:

The learning style in UX bootcamps are often fast-paced due to its brief period for learning. The instructors tend to roll out more within a short time. This can make someone that is not prepared for such a commitment fall out of the Bootcamp. Bootcamps require dedication and commitment to keep up with the learning intensity.

High cost of learning:

Bootcamps cost between $3000 - $13000. This is much when compared to self-learning which is free, though, self-learning can’t compete with the access to professional training that Bootcamp gives. The cost of Bootcamp is also cheaper than what a design degree institution will charge.

Meanwhile, we have a Bootcamp with a very affordable amount for you here. It is so affordable; you’ll be amazed at the affordability! The GoCreate USA Bootcamp is a 3-month intensive practical training on UI/UX design, project management, and technical writing.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the GoCreate USA Bootcamp today! Fulfil your dream. Don’t postpone this!

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