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GoCreate USA – Where can I learn UX Design?

Like every other career in the World, UX design is deeply rooted in education. The world is constantly changing and so is the perception of human beings and how they handle and relate to computers. Some people might choose to go the former road by going into universities to study computer science and find a course that specializes in UX design.

The reality, however, is that nobody needs to go to the university for the purpose of studying UX design anymore. A workable and more sensible alternative is to study online, either in a bootcamp or in some other online institution. It is no secret that UX design is one of the highest-paid jobs in the world. There is such a high demand for UX designers that people are willing to pay exceedingly high just to hire a good UX designer.

Where can I learn UX design

There are many Internet platforms where a person could learn UX design. The problem is that most of these platforms require you to pay a fee. The fee ranges from about $2500 to as much as $30000. While some people might be able to afford these fees easily, there are many other people in the world who will not be able to afford them. These kinds of people are especially common among less empowered and less privileged demographics.

Brave Achievers has put together a special product design bootcamp that is meant to supply this demography with the UX education that they need to be UX designers. Brave Achievers has a goal to create a bootcamp that is completely free.

What would it cost me to learn UX design with Brave Achievers?

Brave Achievers GoCreate bootcamp is completely tuition free. You can learn all the basics, get access to study materials, work on live projects, create concept designs that will make up your design portfolio when you graduate.

What is GoCreate bootcamp all about?

GoCreate bootcamp is an initiative of Brave Achievers. It is aimed at helping people who are interested in launching into tech, changing careers to tech, or just learning to up-skill their present jobs but cannot afford the fees.

This program targets minority groups that are underrepresented in tech. Eligible recipients of this benefit include people of color especially women of color in the United States.

How long will the bootcamp last?

The bootcamp is expected to last about 3 months. The students will receive intensive coaching, assignments, practical and group work over the course of the product design bootcamp. Outstanding students will have access to other special packages and may be recommended for apprenticeship with partner companies.

Come, let's design the world

Learning UX design has never been easier. A virtual bootcamp with all the advantages of a physical classroom, a special mentorship and apprenticeship program that catapults your career all coming at little to no cost and all you must do is sign up.

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