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How to become an irreplaceable great employee

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You can become that employee everyone wants to keep

Everyone wants to have the feeling of job security because it is no fun when one is job hunting. To lockdown that position you want so badly, you need to be the kind of employee that your leader or boss is so crazy about. You need to be a valuable team member as well.

​For this to happen, you have to be more than simply good at your job; you must be exceptional. This exceptionality will also boost your career.

Hiring managers usually seek to recruit people that will be of tremendous value to the organization. In other words, employees that will be irreplaceable. Every leader has a list of irreplaceable employees...whether they are conscious of it or not. This is a wonderful list that people would love to be on. But what does it take to be on this list?

How then can you tell that you are one of the greatest assets to your organization? How do you know that you are irreplaceable and of immense value to your team? How can you tell that you are building your career?

5 traits that make you a great employee

Hiring managers are looking out for people who are trainable, with the right attitude as well as crucial people skills for job openings. Below are some of the soft skills that make you stand out as a great employee.

  1. High degree of emotional intelligence (E.I)

  2. Ability to focus on the important things.

  3. Self-awareness and strategic, looking for ways to improve and get better on the job.

  4. Willingness to speak up and be heard when appropriate.

  5. Execution-oriented, no care for credit or praise.

If you want to succeed at whatever you are doing, you have to work towards it, as doing nothing brings no result. The mindset is usually the first thing to address then your attitude towards work. At Brave Achievers Foundation, our free mindset reskilling bootcamp is designed to help employees and tech enthusiasts nurture the right mindset needed to thrive in any workplace.

Sign up for our mindset reskilling bootcamp today, take the first of many steps in becoming irreplaceable at your workplace and successful in your career.

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