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How to Unwind as a Creative Person

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How Creative People can Unwind

As cliché as the saying “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” may sound, it remains an unchangeable truth. A lot of creative people allow their obsession for productivity to stifle their creativity.

A group of neuroscientists once discovered that moments of creativity which they called ‘The Aha Moment’ take place when the mind is at rest. Therefore, a lot of creative people are literally trying to squeeze pastes out of empty tubes by stretching their brains thing in search of eureka moments in crowded work halls and in between crazy work schedules. ​

As a creative person with a ton of backlogs, deadlines, and meetings to catch up with, it can be difficult to create time for relaxation and unwinding. But doing so can triple your productivity rate and save you from downtime because of mental blocks.

In this article, we highlight

Disconnect From Technology

Staying connected to the internet is the last thing you want to do when taking a break from work. Chances are that you would be tempted to check and respond to emails and some other office-related activities. Put away all devices, unplug yourself from technology and spend some time with family and friends. Go out, take a walk, and explore, you will be shocked at how much you do not know about your little neighborhood and how refreshing your new discoveries would be.

Feed Your Brain

Investing time in books, movies and music usually yields dividends in ideas and information. Just like how food nourishes your body, the movies you watch, books you read and music you listen to nourish your mind and can have an enormous impact on your creative outputs. They help to fantasize, think, and exercise your imaginative power and these skills are essential for creativity to flow. So, pick up a book, go to the movies, and create a playlist of new songs. Feed your brain with the information necessary to fuel your creative juices.

Get Your Hands Busy

Yes, one of the ways to relax from work is by getting busy with other fun activities that are not work-related. Whether it is trying out a new recipe you saw on YouTube or trying your hands on some painting or craft works, getting your hands busy with something new helps to alleviate anxiety and can boost your overall mental well-being.

Have a Personal Retreat

When soldiers retreat during a battle, it is usually a strategic move to either withdraw and retire or withdraw, strategize, and re-fire. Of course, in this case, you would favor the latter. Taking out time to meditate on your drive and motivation and channeling that energy into creating a new strategy might just be all you need to get yourself back up and firing again.


Volunteering comes with an ultra-package for the benefit of mental health. From creating a sense of accomplishment to boosting self-confidence and self-esteem, Volunteering is a fantastic way to help yourself by helping others. It creates room for networking and development of social and relationship skills, one which is very essential for every creative person and most importantly, one which has been made difficult by the pandemic and digitalization.

Final Thoughts

Taking breaks and relaxing remain some of the easiest ways to unlock much more creativity as it affords you enough time to explore some other things and activities you may never have thought of. Take some time off the screens and launch yourself into a world of endless inspiration and possibilities.

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