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Inspire the next tech talent

A hand reaching out to help, with the text: Inspire the next tech talent
Quality training and mentoring for positions in design tech industry

Inspiration is the core of life. We always hope for assistance whether in cash or in kind to attain that level we so desire. And no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. Everyone can use a little help always.

You can be an inspiration to tech talents who today are behind the counter in a store, mowing the lawn, or washing a car at a carwash, mourning the fact that while they have an affinity for technology, they have no training in the field nor enough resources to fund their training.

You can change their reality by donating to our initiative – the Go Create USA by Brave Achievers Foundation. This initiative offers a free tech design bootcamp training and mentoring for people in the USA. ​


In our quest to change the lives of people by affording them quality training and mentoring for positions in design and tech, we want to bring more representation into the design industry; close the skill gap in tech, while promoting diversity.

Our fundraising campaign is an attempt to raise a platform that ensures equal training opportunities for all races, and by implication, the discovery of tech talents limited by funds and race. Tech talent is everywhere, and if we really want to close that diversity and skill gap in tech, we only need to invest in platforms that promote quality tech training and empowerment.

It is now seven years since giant tech companies accepted that there is a diversity gap in tech that needs to be addressed. In an article published in October 2019 by WIRED, the article discussed the little progress these top tech companies have made so far, and up till now, there is just that little progress.

But we can do better.

Improved hiring conditions alone cannot effectively resolve the diversity and skill gap in tech, funded tech training will! You do not need to lower your hiring standards to accommodate everyone, but you can ensure that everyone is trained right, then promote “merit hiring.”


Tech training plays a significant role in the future of design and tech. All the opportunities for growth in the tech industry can only be effectively utilized through a redefined tech training system and that system is what GoCreate USA wants to establish – A skill focused training that allows individuals from all social classes attain skills that have been out of reach.

If tech training becomes skill focused, hiring could shift to merit (it would not matter the color, sex, or class of the applicant, if you are qualified, you get hired). And this system is what ensures that tech serves its true purpose – to make life better for all.

The wheel that powers all this is you – the inspiration that the next tech talent needs to become a voice! You can read more about GoCreate USA here, and you can make your donations here.

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