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Inspired By Design

Inspired By Design
A design bootcamp for the underrepresented

Brave Achievers is a non-profit that offers free technical skills training to talented people marginalized by funds, race, and social status. By targeting this demographic, Brave Achievers is giving them a vital chance at starting a career in tech.

Brave Achievers is led by Pamela Olomola, a seasoned UX professional inspired to transform lives through mindset reskilling Bootcamps (christened GoCreate USA Bootcamp).​

GoCreate USA Bootcamp is by design a tech bootcamp charged with a three-point mission:

  • Reach out to talents lost to the limitations of resources, transform their orientation, and prepare them for success in the tech industry.

  • Equip these talents with in-demand tech skills.

  • Mentor and grow these talents throughout their chosen field.

GoCreate USA Bootcamp is by design, a symbol of hope! A source of inspiration for talents from non-traditional backgrounds to find fulfilling careers in tech. It is the theatre of transformation, where resilient talents are transformed into skilled professionals ready to tackle the day-to-day challenges of the industry. GoCreate USA Bootcamps also provide tech companies with diverse candidates trained in up-to-date tools to fill open positions.

The ideal candidate for GoCreate USA Bootcamp has little to no access to steady internet, lacks basic tools but they are literate enough to navigate a smartphone or laptop. The ideal candidate is a tech enthusiast who wants to start a career in tech but has no means or clue on how to start. The ideal candidate can sign up here.

A recent CIO survey by KMPG shows that the skill shortage in tech is greater than it has been since 2008. The global skill shortage in cybersecurity specialist alone surpassed 4 million in 2019. The demand for UX interviews grew by 289%. Yet, there is an untapped talent pool of Black Americans that can serve as a pipeline to supply talents to fill in this skill shortage in tech. Black Americans make up about 12% of the population of the USA, 11% are unemployed, and only 7% of them make up the entire tech industry. In Design Tech, only 4% of the industry identify as Blacks while less than 20% are women.

The rising unemployment rate in the United States, the diversity and inclusion issue, and the worrying skill shortage and skill gap in tech can all be resolved through the GoCreate Bootcamps.

Design is central to us all. It reflects the yearning of humans – our quest to seek a solution to all of life's challenges. Design mirrors all our unique differences. Design shows us that regardless of our backgrounds, we all want the same thing – a balanced society where we all can dream and achieve our goals. A society where opportunities abound evenly for everyone.

Design mirrors our struggle. Every day we read about people pulling through thick and thin just to make sure that they survive. These talented people, given the right opportunities, will do more than survive, they will live. They will add meaning to our society. Design is an inspiration. We read about Walter Car, the 20-year-old from Alabama, who walked twenty miles for 7hours just to start a new job so that he could support his grandmother and prevent them from becoming homeless. Officer Sean Gray, the hardworking police officer who noticed Walter’s courage and decided to drop him off at work, gave high remarks about Walter’s determination to his employers.

Design is life – everyday people go out of their way to do extraordinary things.

Denzel Washington made it a tradition to pay the tuition fees of students struggling to raise their tuition. Little did he know that he was impacting the life of Chadwick Boseman, the last King of Wakanda. What Denzel did help to create the amazing actor who, before his premature death brought the world some of the finest acting of his generation.

Design is Hope – the coming together of people to make the world a better place.

Brave Achievers is by design an initiative of hope made possible through the support of people from all races and from all levels of society who believe that equal opportunities should be provided for everyone.

Imagine a world where people with talent can hone their skills and apply that skill in an industry where it is beneficial to all. Imagine an industry where products are designed by users for users, a diverse industry where products reflect our truly diverse nature. With GoCreate USA Bootcamp, you no longer have to imagine.


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