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The new way to Learn – GoCreate USA

Learning the skills companies are looking for
Is skill-focused learning the new normal?

When there are conversations about learning, it is usually a clash between the traditional way of learning which cuts across colleges, and/or degree-awarding institutions. And the modern way of learning – skill-focused learning. This form of learning refers to in-demand learning skills and learning sought-after qualities or traits that companies want to find in a prospective employee.

Companies have never been excited about the modern way of learning, but then, the pandemic happened, and remote work became the next massive thing for work. Workplace upskilling that was at a 14% increase in 2019 jumped to 38% in 2020. Today, organizations and businesses are now intentional about skill-focused training.

But there is a problem.

There are not enough training institutions, and the few that are available are either expensive or do not operate a robust curriculum. When you consider the fact that there is still a skill gap that needs to be bridged in tech, you realize that tech training needs an SOS.

Every company wants the same thing!

Keep their workforce up-to-date and recruit capable and well-trained talented people. The PwC report reveals that 79% of Chief Executive Officers globally are alarmed that the lack of essential skills in their workforce threatens the growth of their organization. Skill training is therefore a necessity. However, a company’s investment in skill training would imply one of two things: pay more to train their workforce while modifying recruitment or invest in non-profits to train talented people and get them ready in time to take on the demands of the tech industry.

With access to industry leaders as volunteer instructors (quality trainers), proven record of accomplishment and a robust curriculum that achieves result, non-profits are stepping up to cushion the effect of lack of trainers to train and mentor people for careers in design and tech.

And more?

People empowerment. Tech talent is everywhere, and you only need to give these people an opportunity to prove themselves. They will deliver under the right learning conditions.

At what cost?

​$25 at a minimum to sponsor a component of training and $3,400 at the maximum to fully fund a spot for a candidate. Every donation is a gift to transform a life. Learn more about ​our fundraising campaign here. Support our cause to transform the lives of talented people through skill-focused training in UX design, UI design, Agile Product Management, and Low Code Development.

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