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Tips for juggling a full-time job with a UX Bootcamp

UX is one of the in-demand skills in the job market today. Reports have shown an increase in how organizations’ demand for UX designers. This makes it a good option for a career switch.

The challenge you might be faced with while trying to switch will be how best to learn UX while you still maintain your full-time job. Here are some tips that will help you.

Create a plan:

Don’t go head-first. Start with a plan. Check your work schedule. What’s your plan for the Bootcamp? How many months can you give to learning UX? Does it tally with that of the Bootcamp? What are the things that can distract you? What changes can you make in your routine to get rid of the distractions? Write all these questions down and think through them. Inform your close friends about your plan, so they won’t get too bothered if you start missing meetups and hangouts.

Be intentional about your time management:

You can use a task planner that enables notifications. You must work on schedule if you want to juggle UX Bootcamp training with your job. You don’t have to overload yourself though, but you must be intentional about your time. The next point can also help you stick to your schedule.

Get yourself a mentor:

We tend to stick to routines if we are reporting to someone. Get yourself a mentor. A mentor will make your journey easy. You can share your burdens with your mentor. Your mentor can also give you tips that will help you understand what you are learning better. Share your plans and schedules with your mentor and be accountable to them as regards your learning.

Find a study partner:

It can be boring if you don’t have anyone doing the same thing you are doing. If you don’t have anyone around you, you can initiate friendship with someone in the Bootcamp. You will feel a lot better if you have someone you can relate with and share your experiences with. The person can also be of help to you if you are having difficulty in keeping up with schedules.

The results of a UX Bootcamp are worth your effort. It is a thrill to become a UX designer in just three months, and we can give you that thrill!

The GoCreate USA Bootcamp is a three-month intensive training on UIUX design, project management, and technical writing. It is highly immersive, and it requires your full concentration and commitment. You can be sure that in those three months, there will be lots of classes to attend and lots of projects to do. So, brace yourself up for quality training at an affordable cost! Take advantage of the opportunity now!

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