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GoCreate USA - Learn the skills to land the job in tech

A group of people learning different skills
Skills to land your dream job in tech

It is no news that tech is one of the highest-paying work fields today. There is a literal scramble for tech, but the fact remains that a high-paying field like tech is also a highly demanding one. There can be no half-heartedness in our commitment to the acquisition of a skill that may change our lives forever, especially when the otherwise expensive skill to create is being offered for free.

Conventional education systems have ruled the professional world for so long, in partnership with the associated education models and hiring practices. Experts believe, however, that the world is about to see a different kind of educational system at work all over the world. The world is slowly but steadily moving away from the conventional education system and capitalizing more on skill acquisition and qualification. What this means is that the next few years is going to see a shift to employers who are more intent on employing people who have proven themselves useful in the workforce rather than people who have achieved bogus qualifications from universities.

A 2012 OECD publication put the rates of students choosing vocation over formal learning environments at 17%. It goes without saying that this number has since significant increased, to the point that even employers now seek to employ passionate, qualified individuals, based on their proven abilities rather than the names of the universities they attended or the degrees they obtained.

In a world where it is possible to learn nearly every skill on internet platforms, the question is no longer whether we will be able to get the skills that we need or whether we will be able to monetize such knowledge. The question is whether we are ready to confront our problems head-on and acquire those skills in the first place.

There is an organization that recognizes the socio-economic hindrances to acquiring top-selling skills. They understand the politics of race and the fact that two factors are particularly salient in determining whether a person breaks into fields like tech successfully. With a full commitment to helping statistically less advantaged demographic like young Black women, Brave Achievers aims to prepare job ready UX/UI designers and help the top achieving student get great placements with tech giants, all for free.

Talent is one thing, opportunity is another. This is a fact that Brave Achievers understands, and therefore has set out to ensure that talent and opportunity have the chance to will across America. The company believes that one of the most powerful barriers to our success is lack of opportunity. This is why this opportunity to learn UX/UI Design is free.

So many people would like to break into the tech industry and while it is true that tech is not rocket science, it does require dedication, intentionality, interest, hard work, and determination to succeed. It requires someone with the attitude to see things to the end, and the faith to believe that we too can achieve great things in whatever field we find ourselves. It is easy to lie back and have dreams. But unless we take the steps to learn the skills to land us our dream high-paying tech job, we may be stuck dreaming for the rest of our lives.

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